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Here you can find our website banners as well as different booklets and handouts on "Keeping the Lineolated Parakeet". Because we are a German consortium all texts only are available in German yet. But hopefully we soon will be able to present you some of the texts in English as well.
Most of the documents are available in the format so you can download and save them on your computer conveniently.

Logos and banners:

Logo of the Lineolated Parakeet Network:

Lineolated Parakeet Network

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Logo of the Katharinasittichnetzwerk:


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Banner of www.katharinasittiche.de:


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www.katharinasittiche.de against commercial hand raising:


<a href="http://www.katharinasittiche.de/index.php?link=Zucht.Handaufzucht" target="blank">
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Information concerning the Lineolated Parakeet:

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