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Our philosophy

Why is it that different people from all across Germany have come together in the Linnie Network?

First and foremost, network members have an immense love for animals, as well as a keen desire to help them. Rather than donating money to organisations, or demonstrating against poor animal care, the network is dedicated to providing practical help at local level.
We want to support those who need help by providing answers to the questions you ask: What's wrong with raising a parrot by hand feeding? Or wing clipping? Or keeping parrots alone, or in cages that are too small? The network is here to help with your questions, ranging from the broad handling and caring of birds, to the specific disease and nutrition.
In addition, we help to find new homes for Linnies that are no longer wanted, or have lost their partner birds.

Contact us via phone, e-mail or in the forum. We are real people, here to support you and work towards collective solutions.

So far, the network has been able to deal with a number of cases successfully. We can't move mountains, but we have to start somewhere. Every successful bird placement, every safe and secure home provided is a step in the right direction.

Speak up where we will be heard.

Help where help is wanted.

Teach where it is nessesary.

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