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The main aim of the Lineolated Parakeet Network is to inform people and provide information on the care and living requirements of these small parrots. For interested individuals who prefer other forms of media over the internet, we also have business cards and flyers. This allows us to provide current and future Linnie keepers with relevant contact information, as well as compact source of information.

In order to fund our work, we allow for advertising in the forum, as well as on the webpages. Additionallyy, funding also comes from our very own projects, the colour mutation poster and the Lineolated Parakeet book. Book and poster, with their colorful representations and high amount of information, are something for every Linnie lover.

You can find information on our projects, as well as ways to support the network, via the tabs on this page. We are grateful for every bit of support!

Any profit made from the projects is used solely for the benefit of the network and goes straight back into the establishment of new projects.

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