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Book: Lineolated Parakeets - Extraordinary Parrots in Compact Format

Numerous books about parrots and parakeets do exist, but is there a book available specifically on Lineolated Parakeets? Until now, there wasn't. But - THE Lineolated Parakeet Book has arrived!

What can you expect?

80 colourful pages with plenty of information will explain (almost) everthing there is to know about caring properly for your parakeet, including tips for cage and aviary set-ups, as well as settling in and socialization with other birds. Chapters are dedicated to aspects of care such as nutrition and health, as well as dipping into breeding and colour mutations, providing a comprehensive source of information.
'At a glance': Double-sided overviews clearly depict the appearance, feeding habits and diseases common to Lineolated Parakeets. An 'ABC of behaviour' takes you through Linnie body language.

The book is a project of the Lineolated Parakeet Network. The photos in the book are, as with all our other projects, provided by network members and other Linnie keepers.

Below you can take a look at some pages of the books. For a bigger picture, click on the photo.

The front page

Table of contents
Table of content

An example: Male? Female? The misleading signs behind determining sex.

Ordering the book

Below you have the opportunity to order the book.
Therefore please fill in the form und submit the data. The bill will be sent to you via e-mail as soon as possible.
Two methods of payment are accepted:

The book will be shipped after receipt of payment.
If you are not using an e-mail account and/or prefer a hard copy bill, please inform us via the message box in the form. You soon will get a letter from the Lineolated Parakeet Network.

The price of the book, including packaging and postage (within Germany), is 19,90 Euro. For shipping the book to destinations in the EU and other countries, there will be an additional shipping fee of 3,70 Euro.


For shipping the book to destinations in the EU and other countries the following costs apply:
  • 1 - 2 books: 3,70 Euro
  • 3 - 5 books: 7,00 Euro
  • If you wish to order more than 5 books, please contact us.

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