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Overview of the handout.

In many cases, Lineolated Parakeets are kept in poor conditions: whether alone, in cages that are far too small or due to incorrect nutrition. This is often due to lack of knowledge as well as sources of information. Thanks to the internet, there is an almost unlimited amount of information available on any topic, including Linnies. Our webpage www.katharinasittiche.de/en has provided background knowledge and tips regarding keeping and caring for small parrots. Interested readers can take advantage of the wealth of experience provided by numerous keepers and breeders, structured and presented clearly alongside explanatory photos and comments. Detailed enquiries are answered in the forum or through our contact form, providing optimum support for problems and uncertainties if desired.

However, not everyone has easy access to the internet, or the patience to sort through the sheer mountain of information. For those people our flyers provide the answers!
The flyer provides a comprehensive overview into caring for, and the behaviour of, Lineolated Parakeets. Furthermore, nutritional requirements are explained. These flyers should be considered an initial guideline to help owners understand and look after their pets in an adequate way.

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Our aim is to give current and future parakeet owners an introduction into the material available. Maybe the flyer will encourage some people to check out our webpages, or to visit our forum. First and foremost, however, the flyer should provide an informative overview.

So far the flyer is available in German only. But one of our future projects will be the translation into English.

It is particularly important to distribute the flyers in pet stores and other specialist shops. Please be sure to ask for the store's permission to leave the handouts. Maybe a friendly shop assistant will offer to hand out the flyers to customers and interested people.

The flyers were funded by the Linnie Network and are handed out for free. However, we would be grateful for any voluntary contribution to the shipping costs. Please get in contact with us!

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