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Lineolated Parakeets have a large variety of plumage colours. Aside from the well-known colour mutations dark green and olive green, as well as the turquoise variations, there are so-called Inos, yellow Lutinos and cream-coloured Creaminos. The addition of the greywing factors appeared a few years ago.

This poster aims to provide an easily understandable and compact overview of the most common colour mutations of the Lineolated Parakeets. The descriptions are presented in three languages: German, Dutch and English.

For a bigger picture, click on the photo.

Overview of the mutation poster.

What does the Lineolated Parakeet colour mutation poster offer?

Lineolated Parakeet in olive green.

Ordering a poster

Below you have the opportunity to order a poster.
Therefore please fill in the form und submit the data. The bill will be sent to you via e-mail as soon as possible.
Two methods of payment are accepted:

The poster will be shipped after receipt of payment.
If you are not using an e-mail account and/or prefer a hard copy bill, please inform us via the message box in the form. You soon will get a letter from the Lineolated Parakeet Network.

The price for the poster including packaging material (the poster will be sent rolled in a stable cardboard box) is 15,99 Euro.
Additionally there will be a shipping charge according to the prices of "Deutsche Post" (see examples below). So the total price for the customer will be the costs for the poster plus the shipping charge which all is reported on the bill.


Shipping charge varies depending on the destination.
  • Within Germany: 4,50 Euro
  • From Germany to EU countries (The Netherlands, Belgium, Great Britain ...): 9,00 Euro
  • From Germany to all other countries: 16,00 Euro
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